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How to make cannabis oil (without blowing yourself up)

One of the most effective ways to use cannabis as a medicine is to ingest cannabis oil. This can be used for treating a whole host of illnesses from anxiety right through to terminal cancer. I am not a doctor so I am in no position to give medical advice, however, if your research has pointed you in the direction of treatment with cannabis oil here are a couple of videos that will be very useful.

Both these techniques use pure alcohol to extract the cannabis essential oils and cannabinoids from the plant matter. Essentially, you end up with the same product as Rick Simpson’s oil but can do it on a smaller scale and the process is less hazardous. The great thing about these guides is that they show how to make relatively small batches of oil.

Also, well worth a read is this article by Wernard Bruining which goes into more details on dosage and administration. He also has a slightly different technique which you might find more convenient.

Vapor Room, San Francisco

Vapor Room Sign
Vapor Room []
The Vapor Room Cooperative of San Francisco is the most inspiring dispensaries that I’ve come across. It probably has a lot to do with the fact that their branding and artwork are created by one of my all time favourite artists Jeremy Fish. You can buy Jeremy’s beautiful things from Upper Playground.

Jeremy Fish's "The Golden Gate" print
Jeremy Fish’s “The Golden Gate” print

Here’s a quick overview of the cooperative.

You can check out their details and menu on the Vapor Room Sticky Guide page. You can also follow them @VaporRoom.

Strainhunters x Vice = “Kings of Cannabis”

I’m a huge fan of Greenhouse Seed Co’s Strain Hunters series of documentaries (see them all here).

It looks like Vice likes them too. They’ve produced the latest in the series called “Kings of Cannabis”. This time they are in Columbia. It’s awesome to see the fine Vice production values applied to this fantastic series. It’s also fantastic for Strain hunters to get the huge exposure Vice can offer.

Check it out below.

Kings of Cannabis full length version

Introducing Kog

I stumbled upon this superb gem the other day. Kog is a land owner in Australia. Growing cannabis in the bush allows him to live as a free man, despite spending 2 years behind bars. Locked up he learnt how to stay out of jail and he wrote a book and made a movie to share his knowledge with others. In his words, “if this movie helps one person stay out of prison then it’s a success”.

A Growers Lot by Kog

Here’s some more of Kog explaining his background and philosophy on life. My new hero!

Interview with Kog part 1

Interview with Kog part 2

Vaporizing Vs Smoking (from a pipe)

What is the difference between vaping or smoking pure bud from a pipe? There are obvious health benefits in vaporizing but effect wise how does it differ? After years of smoking I’m more or less switched to vaporizing, but I still do both. Here are some of my thoughts on the matter.

I’ve smoked cannabis in various ways since I was 16. I’m 38 now. Brought up in the UK my introduction to cannabis was via “spliffs”. A spliff is the same concept as a joint only it is mixed with tobacco.

In the 90s in the north of England most cannabis was smoked in resin form. The resin would be softened, then broken and mixed with tobacco and smoked. This horrible habit is still popular despite the fact that most cannabis is now smoked in the dried flower form. I cannot think of a more disgusting and wasteful thing to do with your bud.

In 2000 I moved to Belgium. I stopped mixing with tobacco and switched to smoking pure from a pipe. I had easier access to great weed thanks to being next to the Netherlands. This allowed me to kick the tobacco habit. I still occasionally smoke from my pipe despite owning a vaporizer.

Vaporizer high

A vaporizer high is a lot more subtle than smoking pure from a pipe. It is a clearer high, on my FlashVape I take several hits before I feel “high enough” for relaxing in the evening. It also takes longer to kick in. I like to think of this as sipping, you can control your dose better. I frequently take a “sip” from my vape before heading off to work. For me it takes the edge off the day nicely.

Pipe high

Smoking from my pipe hits quicker and stronger. If there is a way of “sipping” from a pipe I have not mastered it. I tend to use a pipe when I’m out; say at a concert or party or when I want a knockout strong Indica before bed. Also, nothing beats burning a freshly bought bud in a clean glass pipe. Trouble is, I’m a bit slack on keeping my pipes clean.


I don’t think of either as better, just different. One good thing about the vaporizer is that it is cleaner and creates no smell. To slap a crude alcohol analogy on it, pure from a pipe is the tequila slammer and using my vape is like sipping a nice red wine.

That’s just my thoughts, does anyone else use a vaporizer? How do you think it compares to smoking?

Listen to Snoop Lion’s Reincarnated album

I’ve been listening to Snoop Lion‘s latest album Reincarnated for a few weeks now.

I toyed with the idea of writing a review, then figured what’s the point? I’ll just share it so you can make up your own mind whether to buy or not. I like it enough to listen to at least once a day for the last 2 weeks and am still enjoying it.

Check out the full playlist on the insanely brilliant Grooveshark. The shining discovery on this album for me is Jahdan Blakkamoore.